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I want you to be happy with your new nails, but to ensure that they stay looking their best and are long-lasting, please follow these simple steps on nail enhancement aftercare.

•Apply and massage Cuticle Oil to the cuticle areas daily before bed to maintain the enhancements flexibility and durability, strengthen the natural nails, and to keep the cuticles soft. Also it keeps the natural nails from getting dehydrated thus preventing the natural nails curling away from the enhancements.

•Allow yourself a few days to become accustomed to your new nails. You may find it difficult doing up buttons, opening car doors, picking up coins from the floor etc for the first few days but eventually you will get into the habit of using your hands in a different way and your nails will start feeling more natural.

•Have regular maintenance services. They are required every 2-3 weeks, depending on the nail growth. These services will return your nails to the pristine condition they were in, looking healthy and beautiful. Leaving more than the recommended time will result in breakages and lifting of the nail enhancements which may cause problems to the natural nails.

•Treat your nails as JEWELS NOT TOOLS.

•Do not bite, pick or file your enhancements. This can cause them to lift, become weak and break, and possibly cause damage and thinning to your natural nails.

•If the nail enhancements appear to be lifting from the nail plate, contact me and make arrangements for a revisit as soon as possible to prevent bacterial infections.   Do not be tempted to pull off the lifted part as this will cause nail distress and weaken your natural nail.

•Always wear rubber gloves when performing normal household tasks such as washing up, using cleaning products especially bleach, and gardening as the chemicals found in these cleaning and gardening products can affect your nail enhancements and may result being harmful to your natural nails and also to the skin of your hands.

•If removing nail polish, always use an Acetone Free nail polish remover. Acetone causes nail enhancements to break down.

•Do not push back the cuticles as this will enhance the gap between the natural nails and the nail enhancements and maintenance will be required more frequently.

•Invest in a good hand cream to keep the skin of your hands looking young, and feeling soft and smooth.

•MOST IMPORTANT, do not try to remove the nail enhancements yourself as you will cause severe damage to your natural nails.   ALWAYS have them professionally removed.

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